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    Strategic and Expert Advisory

    With years of experience and extremely effective industry consultants, we provide you with some of the best strategic and expert advisory on your shipping related fiascos and queries.

    Expertise in Short-Sea Shipping

    Short sea shipping being the humble beginnings of our now-worldwide business model, is our area of expertise. We provide the most competitive rates and undoubtedly the best service in short sea shipping.

    Aggregate sales, Purchasing and delivery

    Focused on providing the most wholesome experience we give you the most wholesome package. Our services include total handling of sales, purchasing and delivery!

    About us

    In the Bahamas we are based in Freeport with Agency Representation throughout the entire Bahamas providing a unique and personal Agency.

    Shipping & Logistics

    Futuristic transportation and maritime solutions to keep your business moving forward.
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      Husbandry Service

      Every ship owner or master wants a reliable agent in port to take care of husbandry matters. They need agents with strong links to local service providers and the skills to deliver cost effective and on-time service. As your global husbandry agent, Best Class Shipping looks after our principals’ interests at all times, through providing services from crew handling to supply of spares, fuel and provisions.

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      Departure arrangements

      We do not just stick to the idea of a call-and-order-model for international shipping, rather, we have upscaled the service commitments. Now we handle total departure arrangements to give better experience to our customers. Our reports contain clear and succinct results which highlights best class shipping services and most professional departures planning.

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      Pre-call planning

      We are experts in pre call planning to convert maximum deals for our business. By analysing, orchestrating and streamline the sales call process to serve our clients requirements, we help close more sales for unhindered business growth. Our delivery and purchasing services trounce and can easily outshine other such companies.

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